Unit Offline indicates the communication between HVAC and controller is lost. If the user turns on the HVAC/WPU during Offline status, the unit will operate in Standalone Mode. This eliminates the controller as a potential single point of failure for the HVAC system. The communications between the controller (ASMUC) and WPU are established through the router with CAT5 cables and assigned IP addresses. 

A complete system operation verification is vital to ensure all components are operating correctly after installation. 

Make sure to check below:

1. Verify interconnect Ethernet Cable. 

    a. The cable should be made to 586b and verified with a cable tester 

    b. Cable tester can be purchased locally or online, few examples can be found below:                        https://www.amazon.com/Network-Cable-Testers/b?ie=UTF8&node=7701919011

2. Verify Controller/HVAC Address. 

  1. For more detail, see pg 37-40 in the manual. https://support.airsysnorthamerica.com/en/support/solutions/articles/6000189319-unicool-wpu-installation-and-operation-manual
  2. Also, step by step instruction and IP is attached below

            Step-by-step Guide to Set IP Address on Controller/Unit

            IP Setting on UNICOOL and ASMUC

3. Verify the ethernet switch is receiving power. 

  1. LED should lid on the ethernet switch indicating power. 

4. If 1-3 are all verified, you should be able to ping each of the outdoor units from the laptop inside at the assigned IP address. 

5. Verify controller and HVAC are running the most recent. Software update and instruction available here: https://support.airsysnorthamerica.com/en/support/solutions/folders/6000233109