To: Cell Technicians and Service Contractors responsible for Installation

Subject:  WPU and ASLLC Upgrades and implications

Impacted Product(s): AIRSYS WPUs (all configurations) and associated ASLLC (Lead/Lag Controller)

Background: AIRSYS Wall Packaged Units (WPU) and its lead/lag controller (ASLLC) will be upgraded with two CAT5 connectors to replace the 13-wire communication cable previously required. ASLLCs will also have an upgraded power supply.

Benefits include:

· Improved system reliability

· A reduction in field wiring errors, installation time, and installation cost




Q. Will the 13-conductor communication cable I purchased for past installations be needed?

A. No, the 13-conductor harness previously required for installation is no longer needed for communication between the WPU and the ASLLC.  Instead, two Cat-5 cables will be required for each WPU which should decrease installation cost. 


We will be offering Cat-5 Installation kits which include the required four Cat-5 cables required for a standard installation.  Kits will be available in 20’ and 40’lengths. Contact us for pricing.

Q. When will these upgraded systems be available?

A. We expect to start shipping these upgraded units in May 2016, but this depends on which WPU configuration you are purchasing.  Please contact us at 805-879-5432 or for an estimate on delivery.

Q. How do can I know if I have the Cat-5 version of my WPU or ASLLC?

A. The easiest way to tell is that the new WPUs and ASLLCs will have a -CT5 at the end of each part number which will be printed on all packing slips and invoices.  The 2nd way is to look at the serial number.  All WPUs and ASLLCs manufactured in 2016 will have these improvements (see example below). Finally, the controllers will have an “A” in the model number (ASLLC.2A).

Example. E2021682001 à This is a controller built in 2016 and therefore will have been upgraded