Rebooting System can be done remotely for system (including HVAC and Master Controllers) that you have remote access to. Rebooting does not need to be done on a scheduled basis but can sometimes help troubleshoot issue or restart software remotely in an time sensitive situation where local access can be made immediately.

Rebooting can be done via software or firmware:

Rebooting via Software:

  1. Press Up or Down bottom on the main menu to Navigate to the On/Off Selection
  2. Press Enter and use the Down bottom to turn the system off
  3. Press the Program Key to enter and main Menu. Locate System and press Enter
  4. Locate Initialization and Press Enter.
  5. Use the Down key to find Reboot Screen. Press Enter to move the curser to change to change No to Yes. Press Enter again to confirm. This reboots the device that is connected. 
  6. On ASMUC only, connected HVAC unit can also be rebooted. In the same Initialization Menu, use the Down Key to find Reboot HVAC screen. Press Enter to move the curser, change HVAC ID# using the Arrow keys and Press Enter again to confirm.

Rebooting via Firmware:

Note: This can only be done on devices which you have direct IP access to

  1. From the default display, long press Alarm and Enter together to go to the firmware configuration Menu Note: on the remote display, select Alarm and Enter and press "Simulate long press" below the main display
  2. Use the Arrow keys to navigate to Application -> Restart Application
  3. Press Enter to Confirm