Dehumidification using the compressor or heater is available through the AIRSYS HVAC unit. It can be enabled under the Control Configuration menu. When the humidity reading from the controller exceeds a threshold (default 15% above target), dehumidification will activate. The heater will activate if the indoor temperature is below a certain level (default 11 degrees below setpoint). Otherwise, the compressor will be used to dehumidify. Dehumidification will stay active until the target is reached (default 55%). 

This guide provides a step-by-step guide to change the Dehumidification setting on the controller display. 

1. Press Prg (Program) button from the default display 

2. Input password and Press Enter. 

3. Go to C. Control Config under Main Menu. 

4. Go to Setpoints under Control Cfg. Menu

5. Zone configuration should display as the first page in the Setpoints Menu

6. Change the Dehum. Number to the desired value. 

(dehum unit number should be the same or lower than the total unit number- Backup unit number)

7. Press DOWN until Dehumidification page appears

8. Press ENTER to move the cursor to relevant fields, press UP or DOWN buttons to change them to the desired values

9. Press DOWN to go to the next page with more settings. Press ENTER to move the cursor. Press UP or DOWN buttons to change them to the desired values