To: Install and Service Contractors responsible for performing software updates on AIRSYS WPUs

Subject: Policy for the deployment and retrieval of AIRSYS Smart Keys used for software updates

Related Products: All ASLLC Series Controllers (ASLLC.2, ASLLC.2.48, ASLLC.2A, ASLLC.2A.48)

Background: Smart Keys are required to upgrade the control software in AIRSYS WPUs. AIRSYS will loan Smart Keys and send any required upgrade materials at no cost. This Policy covers all Smart Key shipments that AIRSYS retains ownership of.  Customers and contractors may purchase the Smart Keys. Purchased Smart Keys fall outside the scope of this policy.


Smart keys will be loaned out at no cost to the recipient but MUST be returned on or before the date they are due back otherwise the recipient will be billed for the cost of the Smart Key.

Prior to ANY deployment of Smart Keys, the recipient should be informed of the following:

  • The Smart Key should be returned to AIRSYS North America within 90 days of shipment. An invoice for $233.33 per Smart Key will be sent to the recipient for any Smart Keys that are not returned within 90 days of shipment.
  • The customer will need a Purchase Order to cover the cost of each Smart Key they will be receiving to ensure compliance with the above.
  • For larger projects, the loan period can be extended to 180 days if a PO is in place and the recipient understands they will be responsible for $233.33/Smart Key if they are not returned within 180 days of shipment.
  • A credit card number may be held in place of a PO. Smart Keys covered by credit card will be loaned out for 45 days but cannot exceed the credit card expiration date. The loan period can be extended upon agreement with AIRSYS North America but cannot exceed the credit card expiration date.
  • RA (Return Authorization) will be sent along with the Smart Key so that it can be returned without additional coordination with AIRSYS North America.