Yes.  The Software Revision Number is in the format of 13BXX. The last two digits refer to the revision number.

Follow these steps on the Programmable LED display (pLD) to view current software revision:

1. Press UP and DOWN buttons together to return to the first parameter of the main menu (indoor room temperature will be displayed)

2. Press UP to reach SEt and press the SEL button.  The screen should display StP.

3. Press Down until the screen displays UE2 and then press SEL. The number displayed is the current software version (eg. if 40 is on the screen, the software revision is 13B40)

4. Press SEL to return to UE2, then press UP and DOWN together to return to the main menu (indoor room temperature will be displayed)

If you are using the pGD in place of the pLD, the software revision can be viewed under the Maintenance Menu – A1