To: Cell Technicians and Service Contractors responsible for PM Service and Repair.

Subject:  Turning on New Automatic De-humidification Mode
Background:  Some cell sites can have higher indoor humidity due to their lower heat load. In these sites, the compressor does not run long enough for dehumidification and the computer equipment does not generate enough heat to control the relative humidity. In these sites, automatic de-humidification mode can be turned on to control the higher humidity for these sites.


Note: software version 13B81 or above required. Contact us at for information regarding software upgrade.

Note 2: De-humidification mode is not as energy efficient and should only be enabled for sites experiencing excessive humidity.


Step-by-Step Instructions to turn on de-humidification:


1. Press UP and DOWN together to return to main menu (indoor temperature display)

2. Press UP until SeT is displayed

3. Press DOWN and SEL at the same time, the screen should display if done correctly. Otherwise return to step 1.

4. Change to 6 and press SEL, the screen should display L01

5. Go to L04 and press SEL, the screen should display U01

6. Press Up until you find U60 and press SEL, the screen should display the current setting (default: nO)

7. Press UP to change to yes and press SEL 

8. Press UP and DOWN together to return L01