RE:  Ensuring the Compressor Shipping Brackets are removed from AIRSYS HVAC units on New Build cell sites AFTER they are delivered to their site location and PRIOR to bringing the new cell site on line.

I. Distribution: 

  • Shelter manufacturers purchasing AIRSYS HVAC systems
  • VzW corporate engineering

II. Description of the issue:

AIRSYS utilizes shipping brackets at the base of each compressor to secure the compressor firmly for shipment.  These brackets are only to prevent the “bumps” and “jolts” that can occur during shipment from altering the compressor mounting platform which has been optimized to support the natural vibration of the compressor during Mechanical Cooling or “Compressor On” periods of operation.  The installation instructions in the manual call for the removal of these brackets prior to powering up the HVAC system.  For New Builds the brackets should remain in place until the shelter is delivered to its final location “On Site”.  Once the completed shelter leaves the shelter manufacturer’s facility the shelter manufacturer can no longer take responsibility for ensuring these brackets are removed prior to power up.  This bulletin details a resolution to ensure the instructions for removing the bracket are communicated to whomever will be turning up the HVAC system after the shelter has been delivered to the site.

Figure 1: Compressor Shipping Bracket Removal instructions from figure 12 of Installation & Operation Manual

Remove the Compressor Brackets

Open the front cover to locate the compressor. The two brackets at the base of the compressor are required for transport only. Loosen the four bolts, remove the two brackets, and then tighten the four bolts back down to the base of the compressor.


 III. Resolution of the issue:

Placing a sticker (Figure 2) immediately inside the shut down breaker access panel (as shown in Figure 3.) instructing the reader to remove the compressor brackets should accomplish the goal of ensuring the brackets are removed prior to the system being powered up. 

IV. Assignment of Responsibilities:


Tempest Telecom Solutions will do the following:

ü Provide shelter OEMs sufficient Bracket Removal Stickers to support AIRSY HVAC product on hand or on route.

ü Ensure ASLLC.2 controller box assembly includes two Bracket Removal Stickers in the hardware kit for all shipments occurring after March 18th, 2013.


Shelter OEMs should do the following:

ü Place the Bracket Removal Stickers immediately underneath the access panel as shown in Figure 3. This must be done after all electrical testing has been completed and after the HVAC units are powered off via their prime power breaker (located behind access panel).  This activity should happen prior to the newly assembled shelters shipping to the customer.h