Follow the steps below to use the software key for upgrade 

What you will need:

1x Upgrade Key (include upgrade module, battery module, and pre-connected cables)

3x AA Battery (May not be included due to shipping restrictions)


1. (Skip if already powered on) Turn on DC power breaker to the Telecool

2. Ensure the battery module is in the "OFF" position 

3. Connect RS485+ (RED) to Terminal1-1, and RS485- (BLACK) to Terminal 1-2. Ensure connection is tight. 

4. Wait at least 10 seconds and turn the battery module to "ON"

5. Status light will flash green during the upgrade. When complete and successful, status light will be solid green. The Telecool will automatically engage in normal start-up without requiring restarting power. 

6. Turn off the battery module and disconnect from Telecool. 

If the error light is lit or flashes red at any point, turn the battery module to "OFF". Verify connect per picture. Wait at least 5 seconds and restart from step 1.