Download software updates and upgrade tool here.

*This software upgrade only applies to the TELECOOL unit with model number ACA040ED1.USA. 

Upgrade Instruction

1. Download Software and Upgrade Tool (located at the bottom of this page)

2. Open upgrade tool.

3. Set parameter as pictured below and press "Open" to open connection (Note: this requires the same physical RS485 connection as monitoring/control)

4. Enter address as 1 and press "Set".

5. Press "Enter Bootloader"

6. Press "Read" under Version

7. Select upgrade file and press "Download" to transfer the file to the Telecool unit.

 8. "OK" confirmation will appear if transfer is successful.

 9. (Optional) Reset all parameter to factory default. See here for more detail. 


UPDATE April/2022

  • Updated parameter restriction, user can now change parameter in setting on the unit's control panel.