Software Revision 2.1.044

  • Improved efficiency on crankcase heater operation.

Software Revision 2.1.043

  • Added compatibility with new 40kW Model
  • Fixed a bug during hydrogen alarm where the exhaust damper failed to open

Software Revision 2.1.039

  • Increased default supply alarm delay from 45s to 180s
  • Backup units will be allowed to run heater if temperature drops too low
  • Alarm code recorded in data log now correspond to alarm displayed on screen (previously displayed alarm code was offset by 1 from logged alarm)
  • Damper and low supply temperature alarms now require supply fan to be running before they can trigger
  • Default fan speed for 28kW units changed from 60% to 50% during prime power loss

Software Revision 2.1.035

  • Fixed an issue where 15V1's power consumption sometimes does not display correctly after power shutdown.  

Software Revision 2.1.033

  • Fixed an issue in 2.1.032 causing remote monitoring service to stop

Software Revision 2.1.032

  • Reverted changes to condenser dirty rate calculation introduced in 2.1.029 that may cause too many read and write on the controller, causing the controller to be irresponsive.
  • Smoke/fire alarm setting can now be set differently on ASMUC and HVAC units
  • Fan speed during freecooling now default to variable speed with higher response rate. 

Software Revision 2.1.029 

Note: Deprecated version. Any unit with this specific version should be upgraded immediately)

  • Added Quiet Mode scheduling. Quiet mode can now be activated for certain hours of the day.
  • Fixed an issue where suction pressure was displaying in Bar instead of PSI at the unit when UOM is set to US imperial. 
  • Improved condenser dirty rate calculation

Software Revision 2.1.026

  • Free cooling fan speed mode can now be set to variable (default) or constant max speed
  • Changed unit for power readout at SNMP from kW to W to enhance data resolution
  • Changed unit for pressure differential from kPa to Pa to enhance data resolution
  • Fixed a bug where max fan speed limit during DC failover event was not applying consistently
  • Fixed a bug where max fan speed limit was not applying consistently during free cooling
  • Fixed a bug where compressor on/off status was not displaying correctly at the local display
  • Changed AL57 description to "Condenser Fan Overload" to more accurately reflect the alarmed component
  • When temperature target is met, compressor will now run at minimum speed for 10min to reduce on/off cycle
  • Changed default dehumidify deadband from 11F to 6F to prevent site temperature from dropping to low

Software Revision 2.1.024

  • Added software compatibility with new HVAC models:
    • 7V1B2MR410AAC
    • 15V1B4MR410BAC
    • 15V1B4MR410CAC

Software Revision 2.1.021

  • Indoor fan now continue to operate during compressor shutdown to slightly improve efficiency
  • Optimized calculation on condensing temperature and power consumption

Software Revision 2.1.019

  • Major update: dual compressor control module now harmonized in the same software package. A separate software package for dual compressor models is no longer needed.
  • Fault codes from the inverter driver can now be directly viewed from the display. Separate connection and software no longer required to for the inverter driver.
  • Fixed a bug in 1.5.026-29 where AC power loss alarm was not communicated from the ASMUC to the HVAC units 

Software Revision 1.5.029

  • Adjusted damper alarm to be less sensitive to avoid false positives
  • Adjusted condenser dirty alarm to be less sensitive to avoid false positive
  • Fixed a bug where some parameter changes in ASMUC was not properly writing to HVAC
  • Fixed a bug where humidity control scheme can not be changed correctly
  • Corrected unit display for compressor RPS increment from rps/s to rps/min
  • SNMP additions (new parameter located at the end):
    • Added indoor humidity reading from ASMUC
    • Added calculated cooling demand
  • Webpage changes:
    • Added SNMP community string adjustment
    • Added indoor humidity display
    • Added editable site name field to allow easier monitoring of multiple sites

Software Revision 1.5.026

  • Fixed a bug where high/low temp alarm are not reporting correctly

Software Revision 1.5.025

  • Adjusted default compressor and condenser fan variable speed PID to optimize efficiency

Software Revision 1.5.022

  • Fixed a bug where alarm outputs is displaying Open/Closed instead of Alarm/Normal
  • Added unit offline alarm to Dry contact output.
  • Added ability for backup units to participate in FC. This can be disabled in Freecooling -> Force Backup Unit FC
  • Added ability to adjust minimum time for compressor to run at lowest speed before turning off. This can be adjusted under HVAC Config -> Compressor

Software Revision 1.5.020

  • Corrected an issue where some SNMP parameter's type were not properly updated in 1.5.019

Software Revision 1.5.019

  • Updated SNMP parameter's type related to sensor readings from float to integer
  • Removed some unused parameters from the display screen

Software Revision 1.5.018

  • Corrected parameter display on HTTP web page when connected directly to HVAC without ASMUC
  • Disabled features now hidden on HTTP interface to avoid confusion
  • Changed HVAC "Indoor Temp" to "Return Temp" on HTTP interface for clarity
  • Added condenser dirty rate to HVAC status display

Software Revision 1.5.017

  • Added zone temperature to the main display
  • Optimized PID compressor speed control efficiency. Quick temperature drop will no longer shut off compressor immediately to avoid cycling.
  • Optimized condenser fan speed control. Condenser fan now targets a slightly higher design pressure.
  • Change default low pressure alarm setpoints to eliminate false alarms
    • Trigger threshold -> 60 psi
    • Startup delay -> 90s
    • Running delay -> 60s
    • Low outdoor temp delay ->120s
    • Lock threshold ->48psi  

           Important: if you are importing settings from older software, these parameters must be changed manually under                    HVAC config->Alarms 

  • Corrected AC fan alarm reporting
  • SNMP Feature: controlling temperature can now be overwritten through SNMP  

Software Revision 1.5.016

  • Parameter export no longer requires system shut off first. This streamlines the software update process. 
  • All connected HVAC system can now be reboot from the multi-unit controller. To reboot HVAC, go to Program->System->Initialization
  • Minor HTML display improvements

Software Revision 1.5.015

  • Decreased compressor speed change to allow smoother capacity ramp up/down
  • Increased EEV position change speed to allow EEV to catch up with compressor quicker
  • Added option to toggle snow wiping function (periodically operate condenser fan if outdoor temperature is below freezing)
  • Longer idle reset time (When controller is left idle for 5 min, it will go back to main screen. This was previously 30sec)
  • Added longer delay for low pressure alarm to prevent false alarm caused by pressure fluctuation when compressor is changing speed.
  • Default unit of measurement has been changed to US Imperial. To change UOM, pressure up and down together.
  • Added system reboot function. To access system reboot, go to Program->System->Initialization
  • Fixed some typo and display issue on HTML page.

Software Revision 1.5.013

  • Added free cooling status. It displays free cooling percentage during free cooling. When it is not free cooling, it displays reason why it is not free cooling (e.g. outdoor temperature high). 
  • Fixed bug with zone 2 temp sensor not reading correctly
  • Corrected zone control when multiple types of units are in the same zone
  • Optimized calculation of condenser dirty rate
  • Changed default alarm configuration for Air Filter Protection Device to Normally Closed.

Software Revision 1.5.010

  • Added manual backup number. User can now manually set number of backup units instead of system determining automatically.
  • When temperature reaches lower temperature bound, compressor will run at minimum speed for 3 minutes before shutting off. This is minimize compressor cycling due to delay change in indoor temperature

Software Revision 1.5.008

  • Fixed issue where some parameter, such as return temp and outdoor humidity, are not tracked correctly in data log.
  • Optimized control sequence for backup unit. The backup unit is now a fixed number of units that will rotate to equalize run time.
  • Optimized variable speed compressor sequence control to allow smoother transitions and turn on/offs
  • Fixed EEV control sequence to allow better pressure equalization after compressor operation
  • Minor user interface improvements for remote monitoring

Software Revision 1.5.004

  • Initial Release