A blank controller display (nothing on display, buttons not lit up) may be due to a variety of causes. Start by resetting the controller power. If the display is still blank, proceed with the rest of the troubleshooting steps. 


Possible Cause

Component to Check

Recommended Action

Loose display connectorDisplay connector (white connector on the J7 terminal)Apply force to push in connector firmly on both ends.
Display safety trip    Overvoltage over normal or generator operationReset controller power. If issue returns periodically, verify generator voltage: 187-252VAC.
No power to controllerPower Supply LED/J1 ConnectorVerify 24VDC Power supply across J1connector (orange). If controller module LED is still dark after DC power is verified and no physical damage on J1 connector, replace the controller module 1.
Shorted ethernet cables (Cat 5 models only)Ethernet cablesUnplug the cables and reset the breaker. If the display lights up, check the cables for shorts.
Failed AC/DC Converter
AC/DC ConverterVerify 24VDC leaving the converter.
Display/Connector/Cable FailureDisplay/Cable assembly

Move the display to controller module 2. If display lights up then Controller module 1 display port (J7) is bad, so replace controller module 1. If display remains dark, replace display and cable assembly.

Controller Module Power Supply LED