Every AIRSYS controller (ASLLC) deployed in the US is set up for remote monitoring and control as a standard feature. This basic access to the HVAC system is available via a serial port utilizing a Modbus communication protocol. For Verizon Wireless sites, this means that any 3rd party gateway system (eg. Site Boss 500 or 3200RMX) can collect this information and report in a variety of formats. Typically this reporting is done via a dashboard GUI (Graphical User Interface) that provides a convenient, intuitive method for looking at real time environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity or exercising control over the system (eg. switching the Lead/Lag roles by command). 

The AIRSYS controller allows remote viewing of a great deal of system information such as: 

  • Run time of all major functions (Free Cooling, Mechanical Cooling, Supply fan, etc.) 
  • Turn on times (eg. # of Compressor turn-ons) 
  • Real time system status (exactly what state each HVAC system is in) 
  • Real time environmental sensor readings (Supply air temp, Outside temp, Inside relative humidity, etc.)
  • Real time alarm status 
  • Alarm records: a record of each alarm code plus the time & date that alarm was triggered.

Additionally you can exercise limited remote control over the system. For example: 

  • Rotating Lead/Lag systems on command 
  • Turning the HVAC system ON or OFF
  • Changing control parameters (eg. primary set point, lag unit turn on point, minimum fan speed, etc.)

 Remote monitoring and control is a very important step toward understanding these systems better and finding ways to reduce their cost of operation. Please contact the HVAC support team if you have any questions on the remote monitoring and control capabilities of the ASLLC.2 Lead/Lag controller