•  Improved automatic fan power detection for existing, non-cat5 systems

Software Revision 13B84

  • Fixed issue where AFPD trigger will sometimes disable compressor operation
  • Changed HVAC alarm output to exclude A15 and A16 

Software Revision 13B82

  •  Improved fan type selection (SF1 under D menu):
    • Before change: 0 = AC fan (default), 1 = DC fan
    • After change: AUT = Automatic selection (default), AC = AC fan, DC = DC fan

Software Revision 13B81

  • Fixed compatibility issue with DC Fan Systems

Software Revision 13B80

  • Fixed bug that allowed de-humidification to run when not needed
  • Fixed a bug with heater during comfort mode when comfort mode setpoint is set to above the cooling setpoint
  • Added a customize-able dry contact output (terminal #51 & #52) that can be mapped to any alarm
    • Dry contact output can be accessed through U5E under the L04 menu. 
    • Example1: If this parameter is set to 5, an A05 (smoke fire) alarm will trigger an output which allows an installer to run a single wire from the smoke/fire alarm to the controller and from the controller to the NOC.   
    • Example2: If this parameter is set to 15, the A15 (dirty air filter) alarm will report to the NOC.
  • Added automatic de-humidification mode
    • De-humidification mode can be enabled by accessing the U60 parameter in the L04 menu.  Change from No (default) to Yes.
    • De-humidification mode will control relative humidity (RH) to 55% (adjustable by accessing U61 parameter)

    • De-humidification mode trigger threshold is RH control point (U61) + 15% (adjustable by accessing U62)

 Note: De-humidification mode is not as energy efficient and should only be enabled for sites experiencing excessive humidity
  • Added Maintenance Mode to Step Test (steps 9 and 10) allowing quick verification of system performance during maintenance
    • Step 9: Enable Fan and Heater for both Lead and Lag WPUs
    • Step 10: Enable Fan, Compressor, and Damper (will open to 100%) for both Lead and Lag WPUs
  • Changed default system setpoint to 79

Software Revision 13B64

  • Bug Fix: Corrected issue with humidity (A19) alarm not properly reporting when humidity sensor loose from its seat
  • Bug Fix: Corrected issue where humidity (A19) alarm did not properly shut off Free Cooling 
  • Audible Alarm tone is now silenced by default.  May be enabled by changing parameter F48 in the L05 menu
  • Eliminated time limit when running step test
  • Increased the available records in alarm history from 16 to 32 when remotely monitoring system

Software Revision 13B63

  • Bug Fix: Alarm history sequencing corrected.  Alarms 100-200 will now properly display
  • 2nd compressor sun alarm (A23) can now be disabled (Parameter E23, D Menu). 
  • Free Cooling can now run during A26/27 if Outdoor Temperature is greater than Minimum Free Cooling set temperature (default 51.8˚ +/- 1.8˚F)
  • Damper alarm now disabled until 20 min after heater turn off
  • Eliminated possible key combinations to bypass password protection for manufacturer’s menu 

Software Revision 13B57

  • Emergency Ventilation Mode now bypasses Dirty Air Filter alarms
  • Changes to High Temperature (HT) parameter will now link to controller module 2
  • Compressor will no longer start when indoor temperature falls below compressor turn on point during FC delay
  • Bug Fix: alarm history can now be erased via remote interface
  • Bug Fix: D5A parameter will no longer be skipped when viewing C menu parameters 

Software Revision 13B54

  • Corrected supply fan start and run counters to track only if signal input is > 3v
  • Removed compressor delay due to Free Cooling if Free Cooling has been disabled (manually or automatically)
  • Alarm History can now be accessed via remote monitoring
  • Changed system default to automatically disable Free Cooling if Dirty Air Filter alarm (A15/16) is triggered

Software Revision 13B52

  • Alarm will silence when triggering condition is no longer present
  • Keep Sel button lit even if condition is no longer present
  • Added 1 hour delay for audible alarm after Sel pressed
  • Supply fan will now keep running for 30 seconds after heater stops
  • Improved damper failure diagnostics
  • Tighter Free Cooling (FC) supply air temperature control

Software Revision 13B47

  • Coastal mode: FC only during emergency
  • A31/32 cleared when power is restored

Software Revision 13B46

  • Removed A10/A11 alarm triggering from repowering the unit.
  • Added in temperature set point default reset.
  • Added A29 and A30 (HVAC Airflow defective or DC part powered off) alarms (will only affect units with DC fan)
  • Added A31 and A32 (AC Power Off) alarms (will only affect units with DC fan)
  • Humidity limit default changed to 85%.
  • Added adjustable comfort mode (1-9 hours), default 1 hour
  • Added AC1/AC2/CFT menu
  • FC difference default changed to 3.6F
  • Removed default minimum fan speed.

Software Revision 13B42

  • Added SU2 for 2nd supply temp sensor
  • Supply fan “off” output reset as soon as prime power is reconnected
  • Lag compressor turns on only when lead is not functioning in Generator Mode
  • Added 180 seconds compressor delay after Generator Mode or controller reset
  • Added compressor delay (3 min) whenever Generator Mode is restored to normal
  • 2nd compressor can be turned on during Generator Mode through setting. Default set to No.
  • Added A28 for Generator Mode.
  • Added pLD display for A09 (Prime Power loss)
  • F03 and F04 default changed to 10F
  • Manual mode can now be accessed when units are on.
  • Added 30s delay for A05.
  • Minimum set point for u06 changed to 0.
  • When appropriate parameters are changed on module 1, module 2 will also be affected through pLAN
  • Pressure alarm now has 30 second delay after supply fan on, and every 10 seconds thereafter
  • Supply fan overload delay changed to 0s
  • Added in corresponding flashing lights for pLD for lockout condition
  • Fixed brief heater operation whenever primary temp sensor is not attached/broken. rot changed to C menu. Temperature unit changed to -C-/-F-。