It may be necessary at times to reset the system default settings.  This is generally only recommended during installation of the HVAC System after settings have been changed for testing purposes.

To reset the system defaults[1], you will need to access the Def parameter located in the E Menu of the AIRSYS Lead-Lag Controller (ASLLC).  Follow the instructions below to complete the reset.

  1. Press UP and DOWN together to return to the Main Menu (indoor temperature will be displayed) if you are not already there.
  2. Press UP until you get to 
  3. Press DOWN and SEL simultaneously.  If done correctly, you will see a flashing "0" on the display.  It is really easy to hit one button before the other.  If you see something displayed other than "0", return to step 1.
  4. Press SEL when you see the flashing "0".  Stp should be displayed.
  5. Press UP until you get to Def
  6. Press SEL to reset the system defaults (your display will return to room temperature)

[1] The controller address, alarm history, system time, and all timers will not be reset when restoring system defaults.

Restoring ASLLC defaults