Configuring your AIRSYS HVAC system for Single Unit Operation[1]


I. Electrical Installation: Field wiring

Ensure module 1 is wired to HVAC 1 (Cat5 or 13-conductor harness)


    II. Change System Number in E menu from 2 to 1:

1. From the main menu (indoor temp display) press Up to scroll to SEt

2. From SET press Down and Sel simultaneously. If done correctly, the pLD should display flashing 0. If not, return to step 1 and start over.

3. Press Sel, the screen should display Stp

4. Press Down until SYS is displayed. Press Sel. The Screen should display 2.

5. Press Down to change 2 to 1. Then press Sel to confirm.

6. Press Up and Down together to return to the main menu.


III. Disconnect pLAN cable on controller module 2:


After disconnecting the pLAN cable, restart the controller by turning off the breaker and turning it back on after 10 seconds.

IV. (Optional) Configuring the existing HVAC system[2]:


If a non-AIRSYS HVAC system is installed and in operation, raise the temperature set-point for the existing HVAC system to 80◦ F

Raising the temperature to 80◦ F has the following impact:

1. The AIRSYS WPU will become the “lead unit” and will maximize the efficiency of the HVAC systems

2. AIRSYS equipment will have time utilize the Free Cooling (FC) cycle before mechanical cooling engages in the non-AIRSYS HVAC system(s)

[1] If changing from 1 unit to 2 unit operation, please follow instructions in reverse.

[2] This is only applicable when adding an AIRSYS unit to a site with a non-AIRSYS HVAC system(s) installed. If the site only has AIRSYS units installed (i.e., 3 WPUs), there is no need to change the HVAC set-point.