The controller receives a normally open signal (can be changed to normally closed at DGt under the D Menu) from the generator or ATS between terminals 42 and 5. When the controller receives an active generator run signal, free cooling will be shut down and the lag unit will not be allowed to engage the compressor. For large generators, the lag unit can be enabled during generator run at E2C under the D Menu (PLD) or at C2c in the Manufacturer Menu (PGD). There will be a 3-minute compressor run delay when the generator turns on/off.


Possible Cause
Component to Check
Recommended Action
Generator is running
Incorrect input signal setting
DGt parameter in D Menu and input signal on terminal 42 and 5
Adjust DGt in D Menu to switch between normally open and normally closed alarm input
Loose/incorrect alarm wire
Alarm wiring
Verify/tighten alarm wiring according to the Generator Wiring diagram.

Generator Wiring