This newsletter is intended for cell techs, other ops personnel and service contractors who have AIRSYS HVAC equipment installed in their network. Our intention is to update and recirculate with relevant news quarterly.

In this 8th edition of the AIRSYS-Tempest HVAC Quarterly Newsletter, we continue to bring you tips, tools, resources, and education on AIRSYS HVAC products. 

First, we are very excited to introduce our new Air Filter Protection Device (AFPD; page 2) which increases the life of your WPU air filters and allows you to safely allow Free Cooling all year long. We also have rolled out our new HelpDesk (pg. 3), Cell Site Utility Calculator (pg. 4), and  automated training courses (pg. 2).  We hope you find all of these new resources extremely useful as we strive to provide outstanding customer support.  Lastly, we build off last quarter’s newsletter and provide you more detail on how to Right-Size your HVAC System (pg. 5).  

As always, feel free to contact us anytime if you have thoughts or suggestions.

Open the linked PDF to view the full Q3 Newsletter.